The price was fair and the employees were very polite and efficient. I was especially impressed by their care in moving and replacing furniture rugs etc. Overall an excellent and professional job.

- George Farnsworth

Very pleased with Atlantic Spray Foam's work. The crew was efficient, polite and took the time to do the job right! I would highly recommend their services!

- Ron Dziekan

The crew from Atlantic Spray Foam was incredibly neat, hardworking, and conscientious. Spray foaming the attic is an important part of the Geothermal HVAC renovation of our house in Hilton Head Plantation. It will not only reduce the size of the equipment we need, but eliminate our noisy attic fan in the summer. Thanks for a great job!

- John Turley

As we were building our dream home, T.J and his team took the time to explain the benefits of spray foam insulation, answer the questions we had, and assured us that our energy bills would be lower. We were pleased with the degree of professionalism and personalized attention that we received. We received an installation quote and the project was completed within budget and in a timely manner. We were even more pleased when the power bills came in and were substantially lower than we could have hoped for. Atlantic Spray Foam certainly under promised and over delivered. We have since recommended their services to numerous friends and family members.

- Scott and Sandi DeLoach

Dear TJ and Matt,

It was a pleasure working with Atlantic Spray Foam. Your employees are quite impressive. Matt was a delight--thoughtful, thorough, and wonderfully patient about all my questions. The crew was pleasant, remarkably quick, and neat. The price was very competetive and reasonable. This was by far the smoothest job of any sort we've had done in some time. The house already seems warmer but this upcoming freeze should be a good test for the new insulation.

- Janine Jason

"We moved here Jan 15, 2014, so our first electric bill was from Jan 15-Jan 31 2014.

In mid December 2014 you spray foamed our home.

I did some research:

Average low Jan 15-Jan 31 2014 34
Average high Jan 15-Jan 31 2014 52
Average high Jan 15-Jan 31 2014 2001
Electric Cost for the same period $253

Average low Jan 2015 entire month 41
Average high Jan 2015 entire month 57
Electric KWH used for Jan 2015 entire month 1033
Electric Cost for Jan 2015 entire month $132

Needless to say I am very pleased with these results"

- Richard Bart

"We wanted to thank you and let you know how warm we are! TJ and his men did an unbelievable job, and it truly has made a difference. The tile floor in the living room is no longer cold and the master bedroom is really toasty now! I've noticed that whatever temp we set the thermostat the temp in the house is always two degrees warmer!! TJ's men worked so hard. I've actually never seen two men work as hard as they did. It took them two and a half days. They would arrive at 7:30am and not leave until after 5:30pm, and I never saw them take a break. One day they worked in cold rain. They removed every spec of the old insulation so you would never know they had been here. Bottom line...you will be very pleased, and we cannot thank you enough!"

- Frances

"After spending another cold winter in our 1978, built home; we started the research process on spray foam insulation. Who do you believe? So, we contacted Palmetto Electric, they came out, did an audit of sorts on what would make the house more comfortable, and efficient. The gentleman agreed that new insulation would be in order, and we asked about spray foam and again got a positive response. Asked who did a good job, and were given several leads. One of which was a “ Building Performance” company. I contacted them and had a lengthy conversation about open cell vs closed cell..and then got to the most important question....who to use? Atlantic Sprayfoam came up! this was the second time we were given the name. At about the same time, we received a letter from our folks that hold our termite bond, saying that if we had or were considering spray foam to give them a call. So we did..Yes, spray foam was a good idea but since our original termite treatment was done so long ago they recommended a borate treatment to the attic prior to any foam application. Since the pest control folks see lots of attics, we asked who they felt did a good job in the foam application ; again, Atlantic Sprayfoam came up! That’s THREE times..a good sign! So we got quotes, and low and behold Atlantic Sprayfoam was very competitive. Mr. TJ Anderson was prompt in his inspection of our home. Took the time to point out issues we have with our HVAC ductwork and even marked the ducts that need attention. In less than 24 hours we had his estimate. We can not say the same of other companies we contacted. Mr. Anderson degree of professionalism also extends to his crew that did the work. They were always on time or a little early, did a great job in their clean-up and were pleasant to have in our home. Immediately, we feel the difference in our house. And no longer see dollar signs going out the roof. Yes, it is an investment..but one well worth it to be comfortable in your home. Atlantic Sprayfoam is the one we would recommend again and again. Plus a TAX CREDIT is available!!!!!! Atlantic Sprayfoam does a GREAT JOB!"

- Claude and Susan Burgett

"I had TJ out with other competitors for an estimate on a pervasive moisture issue in our house. He was very knowledgeable, personable and profession-able in his presentation. His product was competitive in price and we elected to use him. There were some small issues (as with any project) and TJ was responsive and corrected the problems immediately. I would highly recommend TJ and his company for foaming issues with your house."

- Carl Giombetti

"TJ and the guys at Atlantic Spray foam have been a vital part of our construction business. They have helped keep our clients comfortable and helped reduce energy cost in there new homes. As well as new construction Atlantic Spray Foam has been very beneficial to our remodel clients by helping seal up homes that are losing valuable energy through hot attics or crawlspaces. Thanks TJ and Atlantic Spray Foam for keeping our clients happy."

- Ben Kennedy, Brighton Builders

"We've been working with TJ for years and he has always been very professional and easy to work with. He has shared his expertise on new construction and remodel projects which has allowed us to produce a tight, energy efficient home for our clients. We look forward to many future projects with TJ and Atlantic Spray Foam."

- Josh Brant

Dear Tj,

Barbara and I certainly appreciate your coming out and giving us a thorough rundown on the benefits of spray foam in the attic. Your inspection and accompanying photos were the most valuable part of the visit….to us, but not for you.

What you had discovered, and had remained unchecked was a leak that had been rotting the wood. Someone else might have ignored this problem, slapped foam over it and taken the payment for that service. Not you….

At your suggestion, we brought out our roofer, who followed the damage into the siding and ultimately removed and replaced the compromised wood. We then took the opportunity to re-flash and redirect the flow of water, putting everything back in good order.

After doing that work, we’ve postponed spraying foam for a season, letting things settle in.

You may have lost an immediate job, but you’ve won a future customer and a friend.


Michael Wolf

"Your team went about their(your) business in a very professional manner. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and neighbors."

- Arthur Goehring

"T.J. and his crew with Atlantic Sprayfoam just completed a job at our home. We are very satisfied with the estimate, timeframe from the first contact to the completion of work, the friendliness, efficiency, and care put into the job by the workmen, and T.J.'s attentiveness to our project. This business strives for customer satisfaction and it was evident in our dealing with them. We would definitely recommend Atlantic Sprayfoam for insulating your home."

- Dona Butcher

Just wanted to share the results of Jamie’s final blower door test.

It’s definitely a case of “Job Well Done!!” ; between you all - the new duct system, 2 stage AHU and Spray Foam Install etc - leakage was measured as being reduced by a whopping 60% and a vastly more efficient system designed and installed.

I know I got a little ‘detailed’ with you all at times while I tried to figure it all out, but I sincerely wish to thank each of you for your patience, guidance, advice and attention to detail as we went through this process - and all of it with the challenge of beating the coldest and wettest Winter in 100 years !!

If I can assist with client referrals at all going forward, please do not hesitate to let me know where I can assist each of you to grow your business.

I look forward to staying in touch.

- Duncan Harding

We were told it would take 2 days and it took a full day to prep before spraying. Once work was underway, techs were great. Very pleased with the end results.

- Corrine and Michael Reeves

I'm building a big house in Long Cove and met with several contractors. Driving out I was behind one of TJ's trucks and decided to call. He came right out, reviewed the property, made a very competitive bid and we went with him. His team is very professional and efficient. Great communicator and great service. I'm very lucky to have pulled up behind him at a stop light!

- Harry Morales

Yours was the first of three companies to provide an estimate to us for spray foaming our office / warehouse. Not only was your price was the best, your knowledge about the product and team that did the work was superior as well. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions both before and after the work was complete. Thanks to you, my warehouse is now usable and comfortable year around!

- Scott Mutterer