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Enclosed Crawl Spaces

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Monday, December 31, 2012
Here at Atlantic Spray Foam, we find that many of the common issues involved with a house's operation can be traced back to a single culprit: moisture in the crawl space. Whether it's the smell of mold throughout your home, unbearably cold floors, or condensation on the duct work, these problems all arise out of poorly structured crawl spaces.

Although many crawlspaces were originally designed with maximum ventilation, recent research has found that enclosed crawlspaces achieve a much a greater effect. By closing off the vents in your crawlspace, and lining it with barriers, we can help you to control moisture, retain energy, and ultimately reduce your bills. We offer free estimates, so call or Contact Us anytime to get started on your way to eco-friendly savings.

We've seen great results all across the Lowcountry, including recent work in Bluffton. One case in particular bears mentioning. When I arrived to the house to provide an estimate, I immediately noticed a pungent mold odor, among other crawlspace related problems. Based on my observations, I recommended that, rather than applying Spray Foam, the homeowner should simply establish an enclosed crawlspace. This gentleman's home had 2 HVAC units under the crawlspace, thereby allowing us to move the duct work, along with all of the mechanicals, inside of the envelope. Voila! This quickly cured the home of condensation and moisture, which allows mold to grow. Finally, we were able to control the humidity in the crawlspace much more easily as a result.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the problems discussed above, we encourage you to call or Contact Us today. With free estimates, you've got nothing to lose. Just as your car requires a mechanic, and your health requires a doctor, so too does your home need the proper care to operate efficiently, and save you some green.

Spray Foam Hilton Head | Atlantic Spray Foam Case Study

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Monday, October 22, 2012
No matter what corners of the Earth you may travel to, you'll be hard pressed to find an area as breathtaking and magnificent as Hilton Head Island. Rated one of the best vacation spots in the world, those who live here speak often of the island's grandeur. Therefore, we take every opportunity we can get to come out and improve homes here. One such occasion provided us an insight into a problem common in the area.

Mr. Russo contacted us in an effort to stop mold and condensation issues that were occurring throughout his house. Living in Sea Pines on Hilton Head, we weren't surprised at the difficulties he was experiencing, given the climate. We here at Atlantic Spray Foam immediately hired Brighton Builders to come remove the damaged sheet rock in the living room, which had mold on it. Once the sheet rock was removed, we were able to go in and foam the vaulted ceilings to stop the infiltration of air coming from the eaves. Not only that, we also installed Demilec open cell in the roof deck. Finally, we also removed the old blown insulation from the ceiling. To top things off, we performed our signature blower door and Infrared Camera tests to ensure a proper seal in the attic.

Many residents of the beautiful Hilton Head Island experience problems with mold and condensation, without realizing what an easy fix it is. By getting rid of old, blown insulation and replacing it with spray foam, you're not only improving the overall quality and operation of your house, but you're saving yourself money on the energy bills, and helping out the environment. Hilton Head, breathtaking and magnificent, will remain that way, as long we're all doing our part. Call or Contact Us here at Atlantic Spray Foam today to find out how you can save some money, and help the environment.

Spray Foam Savannah | Atlantic Spray Foam Case Study

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Monday, October 22, 2012
We provide healthy, environmentally-friendly insulation alternatives all across our beloved Lowcountry. From Hilton Head to Beaufort and beyond, we're grateful to have offered our services across the map. One special job worth mentioning comes from Savannah, GA, where a small problem gave way to huge savings.

Atlantic Spray Foam was contacted by Mr. Harry Jenkins out of Savannah, who required assistance in the maintenance of his home. Right away, we were able to aid this man by helping to facilitate the Georgia Power Rebate. First, we removed the old blown insulation in the attic, and installed open cell foam in the roof deck. Once completed, we tested the house using first a blower door test, followed by an Infrared Camera test – two key maneuvers in helping to determine a house's overall air seal, and thus, the effectiveness of the insulation. We are happy to report that Atlantic Spray Foam tightened the house by over 40% than the original condition of the house. As a result, Mr. Jenkins received the maximum rebate from Georgia Power.

The benefits of testing your home, and replacing old insulation are often overlooked. If you live in Georgia, you may be entitled to significant rebates. Furthermore, regardless of where you live, better insulation saves energy, which saves money, and provides much help to the environment. Call or Contact Us today to learn more about how Atlantic Spray Foam can improve your home, and save you some green along the way.

Spray Foam Bluffton | Atlantic Spray Foam Case Study

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Monday, October 15, 2012
Today, we're going to bring you the first in multi-part series about the various problems a house or building might experience that are curable by spray foam insulation, or one of the many other services offered by Atlantic Spray Foam. Being that we are based out of beautiful Bluffton, SC, it only felt appropriate that we begin this series here. Enter Berkley Hall on Yorkshire Circle.

We just recently finished helping out the owners of a house here, who were experiencing issues with condensation on the duct work in the attic. Perhaps none of you have ever experienced this yourselves, but this is a serious problem that can ultimately cost you a lot of money, and create an unhealthy living atmosphere. As if that weren't bad enough, the people of this Bluffton home were also having problems with high power bills, and not being able to control the humidity in the house. These are immediate red flags to us here at Atlantic Spray Foam. Luckily, we were able to diagnose these problems, and create a solution.

To address these dilemmas, we installed an open cell in the attic, removed the old fiberglass from the ceiling, and finished the job by doing a Blower Door and Infared Camera Test to ensure a proper seal in the attic. Finally, we wrapped things up by checking to verify if we needed to add mechanical ventilation, which is certainly a necessity for many. After allowing us to come inside and give their home a magical, Atlantic Spray Foam touch, we are proud to say that the owners of this home are very pleased with the results. The condensation on the duct work has disappeared, the energy bills have gone down, and they now live in a healthier house.

By choosing Atlantic Spray Foam, you allow yourself to literally breathe easier, save some money, and help the environment. Call or Contact Us today to learn more about spray foam insulation, and the benefits it can have on your home, your wallet, and the environment.

TJ Anderson Launches Atlantic Spray Foam

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Monday, October 08, 2012
Welcome to Atlantic Spray Foam! We're very happy to have launched this new website – please feel free to take a look around the various pages to learn the ins and outs of this company, and how it can work for you. However, if you're looking for industry insights, extra tidbits and fun facts about this company, or just want to get to know us a little better, make sure you stay tuned into this blog. To kick things off, we thought we'd tell you a little about the more personable side of this company: who we are, and why we love doing what we do.

It all started with TJ Anderson, who moved to Bluffton, SC in 2008, and became so enamored with the Lowcountry, he decided to stay and serve the people. He wanted to find a way to provide a service to  the people that would not only create a healthier lifestyle, but that would also promote environmental friendliness. This pursuit led him to an outside-the-box approach to insulation. After many years in the industry, TJ decided it was time to create his own business, and just like that, Atlantic Spray Foam was born.

TJ launched Atlantic Spray Foam, LLC in his new hometown of Bluffton, SC, but the service reaches all across the Lowcountry, providing a healthier insulation alternative to those in Beaufort, Hilton Head, and Savannah, GA.  Practicing spray foam insulation since 2004, TJ eventually partnered with the owner of Energy One. After staying on for many years as a Bluffton Sales Manager, an opportunity arose in July of 2012, giving TJ the chance to create his own business, doing what he loves: providing the citizens of his beloved homeland with a healthy, environmentally-friendly insulation alternative. He now provides daily hands-on experience to all those looking to save some green.

TJ Anderson graduated from Southeast Bulloch High School in 1999, before moving on to Technical College. There he studied Electrical, which gave him a thorough knowledge of a house's functionality. From 1996 – 2004, he was employed by Y-Delta of Statesboro, GA. Here he was a supervisor, and looked over multimillion dollar schools, among various other commercial projects.

He married his high school sweetheart, Rachel Anderson, with whom he now shares two beautiful sons, Bradlee and Turner. They moved to Bluffton in October of 2008, and have felt right at home ever since. When not improving a house or building's operation, TJ and his family enjoy taking long boat rides and being with family and friends. TJ and Rachel are both members of Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church – so stop by and say hello sometime.

For more information on Atlantic Spray Foam, and just what our insulation can do for your home or building, please call or Contact Us today.